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How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Bacteria ?

You may be asking yourself, “does hydrogen peroxide kill bacteria”? The answer is a resounding “Yes”." Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizer that attacks and kills most bacteria, viruses and fungi. 


How Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Bacteria

Hydrogen Peroxide looks like water and contains the same two ingredients, hydrogen and oxygen. However, unlike water, H2O2, (hydrogen peroxide), contains two molecules of oxygen whereas water (H2O), contains only one molecule of oxygen. This is the key component responsible for food grade hydrogen peroxides' excellent ability to kill bacteria.  H2O2 is a less stable version of water with an additional oxygen atom.  When H2O2 comes in contact with other substances, the oxygen is quickly released into that substance and hydrogen peroxide quickly reverts to its more common form of water.  There are many substances, including harmful bacteria, that cannot survive in oxygen rich environments, so they quickly die out as the oxygen is released.


The best part about this process is that in most cases, only bad bacteria is harmed.  Although there are many types of bacteria and fungi that exist in our world (yes, even in your body) some of it can be helpful to you, assisting in cleaning out bad bacteria and removing other harmful substances. Although bad bacteria cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments, there are lots of good bacteria that can.  Using hydrogen peroxide to "purge" the bad bacteria is a key part of detoxification and can improve your health if done on a regular basis.


History of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has been used for hundreds of years by many European and Asian countries as an antiseptic for all types of infections and illnesses. Unfortunately its use is not promoted by the FDA, who still embrace the unproven false statements claimed by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical trade who stand to lose billions if people started using common natural remedies instead of their harmful medications. Hydrogen peroxide has not only been used to fight bacterial infections in our body, but has also been used extensively in killing bacteria on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, swimming pools and even sprayed on vegetables to disinfect them from the many harmful toxins that are sprayed on them during growing and storage.

So yes hydrogen peroxide does kill bacteria and with the proper hydrogen peroxide safety precautions followed regarding the proper concentration of pure food grade hydrogen peroxide it can far surpass the results obtained by using big medical companies suggestions.


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