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Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide to Improve Your Health

Is Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide Safe?

Many of you are wondering if drinking hydrogen peroxide is safe. Well, over the past hundred years thousands have stated they received many health benefits from ingesting hydrogen peroxide.  Although hydrogen peroxide is a very powerful substance that can have damaging effects if used incorrectly, when used properly it is an amazing healing tool. 


What Does Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide Do?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is essentially an unstable version of water with an extra molecule of oxygen.  This means that, when it comes in contact with other substances, it releases the oxygen atom and becomes water.  Many harmful bacteria can not survive in an oxygen rich environment -- and this is the basis behind how food grade hydrogen peroxide can be a powerful healing tool.  The human body lives off of oxygen, including the good and helpful bacteria while the harmful bacteria dies off with large amounts of oxygen.  Dr. David Williams has written much about how h2o2 helps the body get rid of many toxins any viruses by releasing this extra molecule of oxygen. This ingesting of food grade hydrogen peroxide is also known as “Oxygen Therapy” and has been used by many medical practitioners for treating everything from the common cold to cancer.

You have to be aware that the ingesting of hydrogen peroxide is not sanctioned by the FDA, so anyone who decides to do so should read as much as possible on the subject before making their own informed decision. Remember also that the FDA has approved many hundreds of products that have harmed and even killed thousands of people.

You have to be very careful to use only food grade hydrogen peroxide for any medical purposes. Also remember that this usually comes in a 35% solution so, it has to be diluted to a useable concentration. You have to always practice hydrogen peroxide safety and only take the amount recommended. 

I must stress again the importance of studying all the information you can find on the hydrogen peroxide benefits before deciding if this is the route you want to follow to improve your well being. Remember we are all responsible for our own health.


Starting Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Caution: Always consult with a physician before starting this or any medical treatment.

Some facts you should be familiar with before you consider starting your H2O2 


Our bodies actually produce small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide which our immune system uses to oxidize harmful foreign products and helps prevent diseases.


At the same time the healthy cells are not affected by this oxidation because there is a protective enzyme in them that shields them from this oxidation. These good body cells, which are aerobic, continue to flourish in this enhanced oxygen rich environment while the harmful cells are eliminated.


The extra oxygen released from the hydrogen peroxide solution allows the controlled burning of the nutrients we consume and turn them into energy. Without this controlled burning of the body’s fuel, we would have no energy.


This burning of nutrients, unfortunately, produces a waste byproduct known as free radicals which are the molecules that cause inflammation or other damage to the cells.


In today's society we all tend to supply our body with more of the wrong foods than it can digest and our cells struggle to rid our body of the waste produced which causes toxins to increase. Also, the over processed foods we consume today do not allow the body to produce sufficient oxygen to fight off harmful toxins.


The drinking of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, used in the concentration recommended, can supply the extra oxygen required by the body to cause oxidation that destroys free radicals in the body.


The cells in the body that naturally fight infection produce hydrogen peroxide and the freed oxygen atoms in theH2O2 aid in this combating of diseased cells.


It is very important that you use only the Food Grade 35% or 17.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, such as that provided by Rebekah's Pure Living, as the 3% solution purchased in most drugstores have stabilizers added to them.


As 35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide is strong and can be dangerous if not handled properly we recommend the 17.5% solution for beginners when you are not comfortable diluting H2O2. 17.5% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is just as effective and safer to handle.


Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other medical treatment to ensure you have no preexisting conditions that prevent you from taking this or any other health product.


How much Hydrogen Peroxide Should I be Drinking?

Although we are a licsenced seller of hydrogen peroxide all over the U.S, we are Pure Living Peroxide are not medical doctors and by law we are not allowed to provide dosages to cure specific illnesses.  There is, however, many resources available to inform you about everything you need to know with regards to hydrogen peroxide.  Here are two great resources on hydrogen peroxide:


The One Minute Cure BookIf you are starting on H202 therapy or want to learn more about internal use of food grade hydrogen peroxide, this easy to read book by Madison Cavanaugh is a must.


Flood Your Body With Oxygen"This highly-anticipated sequel to the best-seller OYXGEN THERAPIES by "Mr. Oxygen" Ed McCabe reveals proven Oxygen Therapy secrets to improve YOUR life right now...


Benefits of H2O2 and Protocol - Online resource published by Dr. David Williams. Specific listing on dosages to take when detoxifying your body.