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Hydrogen Peroxide Athletes Foot

You may have wondered about hydrogen peroxide athletes foot. Is it really effective in killing foot fungus? Well, it is and should be used on a regular basis to ensure your athletes foot does not return, especially if you are using public shower, walking around in gym locker rooms or your feet sweat after exercising or sports activity.

Tinea pedis (athletes foot) is caused by a foot fungus that eats away dead skin cells. A regular foo bath in a hydrogen peroxide solution will rid you of these dead cells and leave nothing for the fungus to grow on.

You should make a solution of about 1% food grade hydrogen peroxide in hot water and soak your feet for a few minutes, twice a day. If this does not solve the problem then you can gradually increase the concentration.

If you can't take this foot bath daily then you can make a solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide and spray it on the affected areas. You should then allow this solution to air dry on your feet.

Another precaution is to spray your shoes with the hydrogen peroxide solution and also wash down your shower with a hydrogen peroxide solution.

If you take all these precautions with a good food grade hydrogen peroxide solution you should quickly cure your athletes foot and prevent it from reoccurring.