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Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

There are many hydrogen peroxide benefits and everyone should have a bottle of pure food grade hydrogen peroxide on hand at all times.

Lets start with a few of your daily uses of  H2O2. You get up in the morning and feel a bit of a cold or sore throat coming on. Head for the bathroom and gargle with hydrogen peroxide. The oxygenation effect of the peroxide will kill the germs and viruses causing that sore throat. After completing breakfast use a peroxide mouthwash to give yourself that clean feeling as the peroxide kills off germs in your mouth and complete the process by brushing your teeth with a paste made from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

After completing your morning rituals, you should wipe down your bathroom sink and counters with a hydrogen peroxide solution. You can also use this solution for wiping down your kitchen sink and stove. These precautions will ensure that there are no more harmful bacteria hanging around to further aggravate any possible cold symptoms.

After completing your hectic day's work why not relax in a soothing hydrogen peroxide bath. It has been proven that the oxygen released  from the hydrogen peroxide will help in reducing the sore muscles and stiffness caused by arthritis.

So be sure to keep a bottle of food grade hydrogen peroxide on hand at all times. The peroxide benefits are amazing and numerous.