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Hydrogen Peroxide In The Ears

Have you wondered if you should use hydrogen peroxide in the ears? Well many people have done just that since Dr Richard Simmons hypothesized that the cold and flue viruses invade our body through the ear canal and not the nose and throat.

If you feel the on come of a cold or have an earache then you should put a few drops of 3% concentration of food grade hydrogen peroxide in each ear. This is not the regular 3% hydrogen peroxide that you can purchase at your local pharmacy but is regular 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide that has been diluted with distilled water.

You ill notice some bubbling of the solution and possibly a tingling feeling in the ear. This just proves that the hydrogen peroxide is working to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses. When the tingling and bubbling has stopped just drain the solution from the ear.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide, along with some olive oil in the ears to soften the wax build up. You first use an eye dropper to put some warm olive oil in the ear. Let it sit for a few minutes and then add a few drops of  diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide. After the solution stops bubbling, you can drain the ear. You then fill a bulb aspirator with warm water and flush out the ear, removing the was.

Just another of the great hydrogen peroxide uses.