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Hydrogen Peroxide Infection

With the concern about the overuse of antibiotics for the treatment of infections, there is an increased interest in hydrogen peroxide infection. This natural cure for all types of infection was used many years ago with great success. But, with the discovery of antibiotics, it became, as with many other natural remedies forgotten as they were cheap and could not be patented so big drug companies could not make millions off their use.

One of the main hydrogen peroxide uses has been for the cleaning and disinfecting of cuts and scrapes we get every day. When the hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with a cut or sore it immediately releases the extra molecule of oxygen which destroys the bacterial infection in the wound. This can be visually observed as you witness the bubbling action caused by the release of this extra oxygen molecule as it kills the bacteria.

Pure food grade hydrogen peroxide has been successfully used for many different types of infection including; sinus, throat and ear infections. It has also been used successfully in a hydrogen peroxide douche to treat yeast infection.

So with the increased resistance to people overloading their bodies with antibiotics, perhaps it is time to return to the old proven ways of fighting infections and use a pure food grade hydrogen peroxide solution for this and many other hydrogen peroxide uses.