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What Is Hydrogen Peroxide

Many of us have been using hydrogen peroxide for years as a disinfectant and antiseptic. But, what is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, in it's present day form was first produced by Louis Jacques Thenard in 1818. The official formula is H2O2 which is very similar to the make up of pure water H2O except it has an extra oxygen molecule. This extra molecule of oxygen makes hydrogen peroxide a very powerful oxidizing agent. It is this extra molecule of oxygen that actively kills off the many harmful bacteria and viruses that plague our everyday lives. Hydrogen peroxide comes in many different strengths and states of purity. It is very important that you use only the purest food grade solutions as the solutions found in drugstores and grocery store pharmacies contain added stabilizers. A simple home test to determine the purity of your hydrogen peroxide solution is to pour a cap full into a half glass of water. If the water takes on a yellowish tinge then stabilizers have been added. If the water remains clear, you can be quite sure your hydrogen peroxide is pure.

There are many hydrogen peroxide benefits and it is wise to keep a bottle of the food grade handy at all times for everyday use. You will soon wonder how you ever got along without it for so long.