Hydrogen Peroxide Douche

A hydrogen peroxide douche has been fond to be very good for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Unlike most antibiotics prescribed by your physician, hydrogen peroxide is a natural treatment that will only destroy the bad bacteria and increase the production of the beneficial bacteria. Antibiotics will destroy all bacteria, good and bad, which leads to further problems from infection.

The good bacteria in your vagina actually produces H2O2 which keeps the bad bacteria from sticking to the uteri walls. These good bacteria also produce lactic acid which makes the pH of the uterus too acidic for the harmful bacteria to grow.  Bacterial vagonosis occurs when the pH balance goes the wrong way, killing the good bacteria and allowing the bad bacteria to grow. By introducing H2O2 through a hydrogen peroxide douche the bacterial balance will stabilize.  It is best to consult your gynaecologist to determine how often you should use the hydrogen peroxide douche and what concentration of hydrogen peroxide you should use in the douche solution. The standard procedure is to use the douche once or twice per day for four or five days.

You should only use pure food grade hydrogen peroxide to make your hydrogen peroxide douche as the regular product sold by your local drugstore probably contains stabilizers that may cause toxic reactions in your body.